Alek Sato

Chef Alek began his culinary career in 1987 during Hawaii’s culinary renaissance of the 80s and 90s, and has risen through the ranks by working hard and remaining sensitive to the desires and tastes of his customers.

Drawing from his extensive training in Japan under Chef Kuniharu Oshima and local premier chefs Onjin Kim, Jean Marie Josselin, and Eric Leterc, Alek has developed a multicultural approach to the culinary arts.

Throughout his development as a chef, Alek remained true to his island heritage by creating dishes that showcase a blend of island cultures and island-grown products.

Elite Catering is the culmination of Alek’s longtime vision of bringing together the flavors that we are blessed with here in our island home. For that reason, he has been sought out by Outrigger Hotels, Far East Wedding Coordinators and tour operators.

In addition, Alek has been part of the culinary team that has orchestrated several major events at Washington Place through Elite Catering.

With Alek Sato you have an individual who is committed to his profession and is driven to deliver an all-inclusive experience, bringing the flavors and beauty of our islands together for your dining pleasure.